Simple Mistakes that can Scare your Home Buyers Away

Simple Mistakes that can Scare your Home Buyers Away

Homeowners planning to put up their houses for sale in Melbourne or are merely thinking of selling their home for a bigger home can face several challenges across the selling process. Most of these challenges are inherent when homeowners list their houses for sale in Melbourne. Some examples include unrealistic buyers, conditions in the local market, low-ball offers, etc.

As a seller, there are several things that can potentially scare your buyers but many of these scary factors can be controlled by the seller since many of the challenges are minimal while there can be some significant factors causing the drag. Working with experienced real estate agents Melbourne can be a huge help in staging your home in a way that appeals to every buyer. We have culled out some of the scary aspects from a buyer’s perspective when you put up houses for sale in Melbourne.



Ask real estate agents in Melbourne about the challenges involved in selling homes and they will be quick in telling you that overpricing is a factor that tops the list of challenges. It is your home and you can rightfully expect the Moon! But, your expectations should sync with current market conditions if the buyer has to even ask for an inspection. When you price your home for selling, you cannot ignore the fact that today we are living in a digital world. Therefore, potential buyers have access to a wide range of resources to understand the going trend for similar houses for sale in Melbourne. Overpricing will not only scare away potential buyers but also cost you valuable time and several thousand dollars. 


Poorly Produced Visuals

Apart from in-depth information on market conditions, home buyers’ the internet provides a variety of other resources like similar houses for sale in Melbourne in your neighbourhood, impressive visuals, curb appeal, etc. Even before contacting real estate agents, Melbourne buyers have the ability to form an idea of their aspirations in homes they are exploring. With poorly made videos and photographs of your home, you can instantly scare away potential buyers. Perhaps, you are thinking that you don’t have much control over this. But, in fact, you surely do. You can speak to real estate agents in Melbourne about the importance of top-quality videos and photos and check the type of equipment they use for this purpose. You can also ask them for some samples and tune in to the desirable quality.

To sell your home for the best price and quickly, you should ensure not just maximum online exposure, but also provide high-quality videos and photographs.


Curb Appeal

Potential buyers often choose to drive-by homes they are likely to be interested in. Their intention is to check out the neighbourhood than your house in particular. If the external appeal or curb appeal of your home is anything less than the best, it would be enough to scare away potential buyers. Chances are that you are proud of the interior of your home, without realizing that a poor curb appeal can encourage potential buyers to pass by and not stop to look in. You can improve curb appeal with relative ease and minimal expenditure. A well-groomed landscaping, clean exteriors, and bright flowers planted around are simple ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home.



When you over-personalize décor in your home, it can scare away your potential buyers. De-personalizing décor is a staging suggestion that most real estate agents in Melbourne will give you. Individual tastes can differ widely when it comes to decorating homes. You may like to put up posters of your favourite celebrities all-around your home. But a potential buyer may prefer clean walls with little or no encroachment at all. The same approach applies to the colour scheme, wallpaper, curtains, and similar embellishments. A better approach is to pack up all those frills that you are so fond of so that you can move them to your new home. Painting all rooms with a neutral colour is another measure to enhance the appeal of your home to potential buyers.


Outdated décor

Homebuyers in modern times look for homes that they can move in and start living without the bother of any updation. On the other hand, outdated décor can instantly drive away potential buyers, and even when such outdated décor needs only inexpensive minor fixes, most potential buyers can be scared away from your home on this count. It is a good idea to get an unbiased opinion from your real estate agents in Melbourne because they are likely to be better informed of the mindset of today’s home buyers. 



Removing clutter is a top suggestion any real estate agent will give you when you are planning to sell your home. Even the best homes may not sell if it is cluttered with a variety of stuff strewn around all corners. If your home does not have a large storage space or a closet, you must pay particular attention to de-cluttering your home as part of staging.



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