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GoldBank Real Estate Group was born from it’s founding director’s flare and entrepreneurial skill for seeing the big picture, communicating his vision and bringing people together. The group has proven to be a progressive, dynamic force in Melbourne’s real estate industry. With a vibrant history it is a company defined by exceptional services and reliability, impeccable reputation for transparent communication, and a cooperative and flexible approach to contractual relations. Over 15 years, Chief Executive Officer, Goldy Sharma, has amassed multiple, often related businesses spanning; sales in acreage, commercial, industrial and project marketing. His significant local knowledge and personable nature allow him to bridge divides between people and industries, creating exceptional relationships. Now Goldbank Real Estate Group holds key multimillion-dolar pipelines. We take pride in this legacy and the lessons it instils. The company values are the same now as when Goldy started out on his own in 2015 and backend with 10 years of successful industry experience. This is testament to the culture of respect and dedication you’ll find with Goldbank Real Estate Group.

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About Andy Grimley International Sales Manager

GOLDBANK REAL ESTATE GROUP is now expanding into internal projects and have engaged ANDY GRIMLEY as INTERNATIONAL SALES MANAGE who will be permanently based in China running the channel distribution networks in both China and Hong Kong.

Andy has been at the forefront of international property marketing, media and distribution since 2002. Having held senior management positions with some of the world’s leading organizations within these sectors, including, Blendon Communication (Homes Overseas, House Hunters in the sun. Viva Espana, invest in Property, Vive La France and Viva Italia). OPP (The Overseas Property Professional), Investorist and most recently Optimus Alliance. Andy, and the teams that workedfor him, have sold a vast number of international projects, products and services to the global real estate sector.

One of Andy’s many key skills is the ability to establish, train and mantain internationl distribution channels with a proven success rate, arguably second to none within this market sector.

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International exposure for your property

Over 1000 GLOBAL CHANNEL PARTNERS work together to achieve maximum results.

  • Project Marketing
  • Citizenship/Residency by investment
  • Lifestyle Projects
  • Investment Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects
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The Difference

  • Property – aligned marketing campaigns.
  • Innovative marketing ensures your property stands out, creating more buyers leading to higher prices.
  • Liaising and co-ordinating advertising to develop branding and creative concepts.
  • Our award winning website receives more than one million visits per month and we have alliances with other major websites.
  • Our cutting edge technology reaches more buyers.
  • We reach thousands of registered clients through our ‘Property Alert’ email alert system.
  • Skilled, honed and enthusiastic negotiators who work round the clock.
  • The hallmark of success is achieving high pricing for our vendors.
  • Each property listed with Goldbank Real Estate Group is placed on all major websites in real estate.
  • Access to Goldbank’s database of investors that has over 7000 buyers.
  • Dominance in the relevant market place, with prolific sales boards, internet and tabloid exposure. This ensures prospective buyers much be in contact with Goldbank representatives.